Earth Sanctuary - Whidbey Island Nature Reserve, Meditation Parkland, & Sculpture Garden Visit Earth Sanctuary located on Whidbey Island near Seattle in Puget Sound
Earth Sanctuary - A Nature Reserve and Retreat Center on South Whidbey Island, near Seattle Washington

Rent the Retreat Center

Retreat Center Availability

Plan your spiritual getaway at the Earth Sanctuary Retreat Center, a single-family house available for individual and small group retreats. This retreat center is a place for 1-6 people to stay overnight for personal renewal, relaxation, retreat, meditation, and peaceful reflection. A self-serve facility, those renting it have exclusive use of the entire Retreat Center. Its spacious living room overlooks surrounding trees; the fully equipped kitchen enables you to prepare foods specific to your needs. Each of the two bedrooms has a single bed. There are books on meditation and spirituality available at the Center for your inspiration.

Located adjacent to the 72 acre Earth Sanctuary nature reserve and sculpture garden, your stay includes access to the trails, artworks, stone circles, labyrinth, stupa, medicine wheels, and dolmen.

To reserve the Retreat Center for an overnight retreat, please check the Availability calendar above and then fill out and submit the Online Reservation Form (see below for detailed directions for reserving).

For Questions:
Email Celia Sullivan at Those people without access to email may phone at 360-321-5465.

Rates - Price Schedule

  • Overnight rates are $80 for one person and $40 for each additional person.
  • 10% off for a five night or more stay.
  • Add sales tax of 10.7% to the total.
Earth Sanctuary Retreat Center
Rate Schedule by # of people and # of nights
  # of nights =>
# of people 1 2 3 4
1 $88.56 $177.12 $265.68 $354.24
2 $132.84 $265.68 $398.52 $531.36
3 $177.12 $365.24 $531.36 $708.48
4 $221.40 $442.80 $664.20 $885.60

To reserve the Earth Sanctuary Retreat Center:

  1. Check the calendar above to check the availability of the Retreat Center.
  2. Fill out the Online Reservation form.
  3. When done filling out the required information, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the "Submit Reservation Request" button.
  4. Once you submit your request, Celia Sullivan, Earth Sanctuary Caretaker (please approve if you use spam filtering on incoming email) will confirm your reservation request by email. Then you will be emailed a request for payment by PayPal (PayPal also takes credit cards). Your reservation is guaranteed once we receive your payment by PayPal.

If you wish to pay by check or cash instead of credit card please email Celia for instructions:

For more information:

Call Earth Sanctuary's Caretaker, Celia Sullivan, at 360-321-5465.

  • Deposit - 100% of total amount is due at time of reservation in order to confirm reservation. The reservation is not final until the deposit is received. Checks (US Dollars), cash, credit card, or PayPal are accepted. Deposits will be returned (minus a $25 Service Charge) if cancellation is made greater than 30 days before your stay.
  • There is no “sharing” of the Retreat Center with other people you do not know. When you make a reservation, only you are using the Retreat Center.
  • Check in & check out time - arranged ahead of time with Celia Sullivan.
  • Refunds - No refunds will be made for shortened retreat stays.
  • Transportation - You are responsible for transportation to and from the Earth Sanctuary.
  • Pets - We do not have accommodations for pets. However, there are four wild cats that live in the bushes and shrubs in the backyard.
  • Children - We regret we cannot accommodate any children under 12 years of age.

Hold a Group Retreat!

For groups of up to 20 people, we offer day use of the Retreat Center at $20/hour (3 hour minimum) plus $7/person. To set up a group retreat reservation, please email Celia and she will help you with your reservation. To get an idea of the layout of the retreat Center, please look at the Retreat Center photo below.

What can you do in a Group Retreat? Hold a workshop, offer a seminar, have group meditations, group prayer, or share a place to celebrate in nature and spend quality time together in a peaceful place. Use your group energy to amplify your meditations and prayers.

What kinds of groups have done Group Retreats in the past? Healing groups, women's retreats, men's retreats, self-help groups, therapeutic touch groups, Celtic groups, shamanic healing groups, cancer survivor groups, and more! We welcome all faiths.

Why do groups do retreats at the Earth Sanctuary Retreat Center? The energy of the land and the Retreat House is powerful and conducive healing. Many blessing ceremonies by H.H. Jigdal Dagchen Sakya Dorje Chang, H.E. Dagmo Kusho Sakya, and many other spiritual leaders have made the Retreat Center and the Earth Sanctuary property very conducive to spiritual practice and healing. Their blessings as well as the spiritual practices done by retreatants and visitors over the past 17 years have created a sense of peacefulness and upliftment that can be felt by all who spend time here.

Are there overnight options?

Yes, up to six people can stay in the Retreat House Overnight. Note that there are two bedrooms, each with a single bed, so other people will have to sleep on the floor with sleeping bags.

For Questions & To Make Reservations
Call Earth Sanctuary's Caretaker, Celia Sullivan, at 360-321-5465.

Take a Tour

Take a Tour of The Earth Sanctuary Retreat Center

Click to Enlarge

The Earth Sanctuary Retreat Center Front door and deck Front deck Front deck
Entry looking towards dining area Entry looking toward meditation, meeting room or living room Sitting room Meditation, meeting room or living room
Meditation, meeting room or living room Meditation, meeting room or living room Meditation, meeting room or living room Tibetan Buddhist Shrine
Meditation, meeting room or living room Tara Shrine Sitting room Dining area
Kitchen from back door Kitchen toward back door Kitchen, washer & dryer, plus refrigerator Back yard facing Bedroom #2
Bedroom #1 Bedroom #2 Bedroom #2 looking out to deck Bathroom

Photos: Michael Stadler

Comments from Retreat Center Guests

  • ďIíve been to a number of personal retreats and this oneís a keeper. The house is a very supportive meditation environment. The trails are very friendly, well-kept, and clearly signed. The diverse and interactive Buddhist, Native American, and artistic offerings make the hikes unique. Iíll be back!" -Joey Huynh
  • Silence and solitude are respected.
  • Paths are very conducive for walking meditation.
  • Appreciated the dedicated meditation space that honors spiritual work!
  • The retreat was wonderful and very satisfying.
  • The grounds of Earth Sanctuary are amazing and full of delight.
  • Beauty and sacred space exceeded expectations.
  • So much gratitude to you for your vision and commitment of resources to create this place and to welcome visitors.
  • Celia's orientation was outstanding! Her warm and generous spirit really helped to set the tone for a wonderful retreat here.
  • Energy here is sacred. It affects ability to meditate and pray, to engage in practices difficult to focus on in the fray of life.
  • Very comfortable bed.
  • The grounds are amazing. Nice touch having the eagle fly in at dusk.
  • The vision that permeates every aspect of the experience is an inspiration.
  • I really appreciate all of the efforts to sanctify this area, inside and out.
  • Very affordable!
  • "My stay has been calming.All is wonderful here: beautiful, claming, peaceful, elegant, nurturing, inspiriting, relaxing, intuitive, reflective, spiritual. Thank you for the opportunity to come and connect with earth and self. Interconnection. All life honored." -Semilla
  • "My stay here has been marvelous. The Center itself is very well equipped with most things people will likely forget. It's not often that I have found a place that feels so good, and have been able to stay there, undisturbed." -Andrew
  • "The surrounding woods and trails with so much to see: mushrooms, huge trees, singing birds, salmonberry flowers, other wild flowers, streams - a beautiful place. Thank you!!" - Mrs. Lynn Rideout
  • "This is a place to get connected to Self and your Higher Power - a connection between all things, myself and the planet. What a wonderful journey I am choosing to experience."
  • "The Sanctuary provides the perfect atmosphere for meditation, reflection and healing. Sitting in the Heartstone area, I experienced deep "kensho" or realization that rare but welcomed in Zen practice." -Kakuzen
  • "I liked the sense of peace and protection that's here."
  • "I like the peace and tranquility- it is lovely and we love coming here! A great Center!"
  • "It's January, the changing of the year, a time for death and the promise of rebirth. Among the brown leaves and wilted fern fronds, there are hints of new life to come. I found it inside myself too. Thank you." -M.E.
  • "After hours of trying 'too hard' in my centering prayer, hours of waiting to hear the still, small voice of God, hours of sitting, piecing together scraps of discernment that may or may not be at my heart, I was moved to tears one twilight when I came upon the Fen Stone Circle. The tiny cairn with its offerings in the center opened me. 'I want to belong,' I said aloud and fell to my knees, 'I want to belong.'"

From I-5:

From Seattle, take I-5 north. From the Eastside, take I-405 north to I-5 north.

Take Exit 189 from I-5 to the west and follow the signs to the Whidbey Island/Mukilteo ferry terminal. Get into the ferry line where the signs tell you to do so or whenever you see the "end of the line" of cars. Ferries leave every half hour on the hour and half-hour. The ferry ride from Mukilteo to Whidbey Island lasts about 20 minutes. Once on Whidbey Island, drive north on the main highway, Route 525, for approximately 7.5 miles. Turn right onto Newman Road. To park at the Retreat Center (2235 Newman Road, Langley, WA), drive for 0.25 mile and turn right on Emil Road. Go up the road about 25 feet and make an immediate left hand turn into the parking area for the Earth Sanctuary Retreat Center. To park at the 2059 Newman Road entrance, drive for 0.8 mile to 2059 Newman Road and turn right into the driveway. Go about 100 feet and turn right at the sign to get to the main parking area. To park at the Stupa entrance at 5536 Emil Road, go 0.25 mile and turn right onto Emil Road. Drive up the hill 0.2 mile and turn left into Earth Sanctuary on the gravel road.

From Port Townsend or Northern Whidbey Island:

Take 525 South. Just after Freeland, make a left on Double Bluff Road. Go a short ways to a "T" with Newman Road and make a right turn. To park at the Retreat Center (2235 Newman Road, Langley, WA), drive for 0.8 mile and turn left on Emil Road. Go up the road about 25 feet and make an immediate left hand turn into the parking area for the Earth Sanctuary Retreat Center. To park at the 2059 Newman Road entrance, go 0.2 mile to 2059 Newman Road and turn left into the driveway. Go about 100 feet and turn right at the sign to get to the main parking area. To park at the Stupa entrance at 5536 Emil Road, go 0.8 mile and turn left onto Emil Road. Drive up the hill 0.2 mile and turn left into Earth Sanctuary on the gravel road.

For Retreatants Coming to Earth Sanctuary from SeaTac Airport:

The Whidbey SeaTac shuttle is the most convenient way to get there. The shuttle will take you directly to Whidbey Island from the airport. Have the shuttle take you to Bayview (a few miles away from Earth Sanctuary) where, by prior arrangement, Celia can pick you up and drive you to Earth Sanctuary, which is only 3 minutes away. The phone number for the Whidbey SeaTac shuttle is 360-679-4003 local or 877-679-4003 Toll Free. The web site is Celia can be reached at 1-360-321-5465;

What is provided at the Earth Sanctuary Center?

  • Two retreat bedrooms, each with twin beds. The beds come with clean linen, down comforter and pillow.
  • A combination meditation/living room with sofa and easy chair, wood stove, bookcase. There are nine zafus with zabutons. There are also 10 chairs.
  • Fully-equipped kitchen with eating utensils and dining area.
  • Washer and dryer.
  • Bathroom with clean towels and washcloths.
  • Large closet and storage area that may also be used as an additional "primitive" sleeping area.
  • There is no phone. Pay phones are available in Freeland. Some cell phones work well, i.e., Verizon, T-Mobile and others.
  • Center heating is by electric heat supplemented by wood stove. Note: to keep costs down, the Center may be cold when you arrive. The Center will warm quite quickly once you turn up the heat.

What should be brought to the Earth Sanctuary Center?

  • All visitors to the Earth Sanctuary Center are responsible for picking up and cleaning the Center after they are done, including washing the bedding that you use.
  • All materials for your spiritual practice.
  • Proper clothing, bathrobe, slippers, toiletries, clock.
  • Hiking shoes and appropriate outdoor clothing for the season, if you choose to walk the property.
  • Bring enough food for your stay (all food and drink must be kept in the kitchen area). Two supermarkets are located nearby.

Note: you are responsible for preparing your own meals.

Rules for Earth Sanctuary Property

  • For the safety of visitors and the protection of all living beings, the following rules must be followed while on Earth Sanctuary property, including the Earth Sanctuary Retreat Center.
  • If you move any furniture in the retreat Center, you are responsible for moving it back to its original position. No moving of objects on the Earth Sanctuary grounds.
  • Please treat the retreat Center and grounds with care and respect. Return the retreat Center to the condition in which you found it or better. Helping to clean the retreat Center is good karma!
  • Abstain from killing any being or animal.
  • No canoeing or swimming is allowed in any of the ponds. No one is allowed on the bog island for any reason.
  • Hiking is permitted only on cleared trails.
  • Be sensitive to birds and wildlife. Do not disturb any animals or birds, especially in nesting and breeding season.
  • Remain outside of marked ecologically sensitive areas.
  • Abstain from stealing, sexual activity, and from telling lies.
  • No illegal drugs, intoxicants, or firearms are permitted. Alcohol is permitted only in the context of certain spiritual ceremonies.
  • Smoking and chewing tobacco is not permitted anywhere on Earth Sanctuary property except in the context of Native American ceremonies.
  • No moving of objects in the building or on the grounds.
  • Park in designated areas only.
  • Please treat the grounds, building and residents with care and respect. Return your area to the condition in which you found it or better.

Rules for Retreat Practice at the Earth Sanctuary

  • This is a spiritual Center, not a motel or a romantic get-away. Please be considerate of the spiritual nature of this special Center.
  • Candles and incense are allowed in the main meditation room only; candles and incense should not be left unattended. Only votive-type candles should be used, tapered candles are not allowed.
  • In order to minimize distraction by others, dress appropriately: simple, modest, and comfortable. Tight, transparent, revealing, or otherwise striking clothing (such as short shorts, tights and leggings, sleeveless or skimpy tops) should not be worn. Sunbathing and nudity are not permitted. An attitude of modesty prevails at all times.

Note: violating any of the rules is reason for retreat termination.


  • People with serious mental disorders should not come with the expectation that retreat will cure or alleviate their mental problems.
  • People with unstable interpersonal relationships and a history of various treatments should not come. It is impossible for us to care for such people with these backgrounds.
  • Retreat is not a substitute for medical or psychiatric treatment and is not recommended for people with serious psychiatric disorders
  • The Earth Sanctuary LLC is not liable for any personal injuries, for any reason, that may be sustained during stay at Earth Sanctuary.